New Orleans: a tour that brings you back to the summer of 1963

New Orleans: a tour that brings you back to the summer of 1963

On July 18, 2009, I rented a bike in New Orleans and made lots of pictures of places related to Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of President John F. Kennedy. Some are definitely important in his life, others are subject of speculation; so many stories have been told during the past 60 years… On the pic with my bike, I am standing in Lafayette Square. On the left, behind the statue, is the location of the Newman Building, where Banister had his office.

The addresses are related to the summer of 1963, when Oswald lived in New Orleans with his family. He worked here, distributed flyers, spent a night in a cell, and occasionally visited a bar. But he also had something to do with the building on the corner of Camp and Lafayette Street, where Guy Banister had an office. And what is true about the stories of Judyth Vary Baker, the alleged mistress of Oswald, and Edward Haslam, author of the book “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” about the gruesome murder of Mary Sherman and its connection to JFK’s assassination?

I posted the photos on the internet in 2009 and provided some context and specific addresses. I would say: do what I did, rent a bike and enjoy a beautiful ride in this wonderful city on the Mississippi River. If only the walls could speak: curious what they would tell about that mysterious summer of 1963.

Perry Vermeulen

Author of two books related to the assassination of JFK, published in The Netherlands in 2008 and 2012. Wrote a lot about this subject; built this website in 2023 to accommodate all those different stories. I will continue to produce new articles on the case.

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