My books

I wrote two books about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, published in 2008 and 2012. Although it has been a while, I still receive a lot of responses. Unfortunately, the books are no longer available through regular bookstores; only second-hand copies can be found, often at quite high prices.

Both books

In October 2008, my first book, Lee Harvey Oswald was published by De Boekenmakers; ISBN 978-90-77740-34-7 (304 pages). The book follows the life of the alleged assassin of John F. Kennedy, focusing on his weekend in Rotterdam in June 1962. His activities during those days had never been adequately examined before. Thanks to the research for this book, pieces of the puzzle could be put back in place.

In October 2012, my second book, Who Killed JFK was published by Unieboek | Het Spectrum; ISBN 978-90-0030-716-6 (328 pages). This book was released as part of the 2013 anniversary year, providing an up-to-date overview of all conspiracy theories surrounding the Kennedy assassination, from plausible to less plausible. It covers all facts and speculations, offering a comprehensive view of the murder not previously available in our language.


“Who Killed John F. Kennedy is an excellent book about all the motives and scenarios of the crime of the century. I have read numerous books about that murder, yet I discover new things in this book. Craftsmanship.” – Peter R. de Vries, Crime Reporter

“I read your JFK book daily and find it truly amazing. You don’t zoom in directly on the whodunnit question but make wide circumferential movements, always very well written and exciting and gossipy, allowing the reader to learn a lot about America at that time and be left with the suspicion, actually certainty, that where there’s so much smoke, there must be fire.” – Michiel Hegener, Freelance Journalist, including for NRC Handelsblad

“Perry Vermeulen has written an impressive, honest book – a must-read for JFK enthusiasts. I am impressed by what he has unearthed. Congratulations!” – Willem Post, Author, Americanist, Historian

“If you are in America, there are bookshelves filled with every detail, every minute of the murder. But that aspect of ‘what was he doing in Rotterdam’, that has never really come to light. The connection in this book is fascinating.” – Peter R. de Vries, Crime Reporter

“In the well-written ‘Who Killed JFK,’ Perry Vermeulen thoroughly discusses the necessary theories with the necessary distance. The book also contains intriguing portraits of authorities in the field of the murder, including Friso Endt, the Dutch journalist who witnessed live how Oswald was murdered.” – Het Financieele Dagblad

“Perry Vermeulen has succeeded in creating a clear overview of all clues, conspiracy theories, facts, and backgrounds.” – Aktueel

“You are filling in holes in the historical record. I think you are to be commended for doing careful research into a part of Oswald’s life that has heretofore slipped ‘under the radar.’ A big achievement.” – John McAdams, Renowned American Historian and Expert on the Murder Case

“What you’ve done already certainly looks interesting and in a real sense groundbreaking.” – Anthony Summers, British luminary in investigative journalism and author of numerous revealing biographies

“A substantial and impressive book. The result of three years of research and a year of writing is noteworthy; the book is well-written and finally makes a meaningful contribution to the question of who the actual murderer of John F. Kennedy was.” – Henk Strootman, Crime Reporter for Aktueel

“Vermeulen has managed to shed some more light.” – Daan Dijksman, Journalist for HP/De Tijd

“The answers formulated by Vermeulen cast a shocking light on the murder.” – Crimezone

“Well-written book.” – NBD|Biblion