I have been giving lectures on the assassination of John F. Kennedy since 2008. An energizing, informative, interactive experience! With a wealth of beautiful audio and video material and revealing documents from various archives. Passionate and enthusiastic, that’s my hallmark. One and a half to two hours: time flies. What do I discuss with my audience?

  • My fascination with the case; I take you back to the research for the two books.
  • My (journalistic) Kennedy adventures in cities like Dallas, New Orleans, and Boston.
  • The lives of Kennedy and Oswald. Of course, to the pivotal moment: November 22, 1963.
  • We examine the crime scene: the square and the book depository. Who were the witnesses? What doesn’t add up? Together, we also watch a high-resolution version of the famous Zapruder film.
  • Sense and nonsense in the Kennedy case.
  • Aftermath: the reaction of the American public, the government commission appointed, skepticism about the search for truth, now almost sixty years later.
  • All conspiracy theories. They all come up, but more importantly, their interconnections. What did the CIA, the mafia, and Cuban exiles have to do with each other? What were the relationships between J. Edgar Hoover (FBI), mobsters, and players like Sinatra and Monroe? What about extreme right-wing, the military-industrial complex, the Bush family? And who on earth are James Files and Judyth Vary Baker? Yes, even these less plausible stories are discussed, although I prefer to leave the judgment to the audience.

Contact me for more information. Below are some references, under the images.


I heard only very positive stories from my students and their parents afterwards. You told the story with inspiration and enthusiasm, and it certainly resonated! A delightful tale that we are very pleased with. A great experience for the students.
– Arnoud Kuijpers, Hope XXL Academy, a project of Candea College in Duiven

Rarely have I heard someone speak with so much passion about a subject.
– Eduard van der Torre, Lions Club Doetinchem De Graafschap

We enjoyed an inspiring lecture in Weert on a topic that still resonates with many of us. It was great to see how passionately Perry speaks about an era he didn’t even experience himself; for us, the early sixties came alive again. Lots of interesting facts, presented with humor; a very captivating evening.
– Fons Jacobs, district governor and member of Rotary Weert Land van Horne, former mayor of Helmond

With a large group, we listened to a very good story about the murder, about which we thought we knew all the ins and outs. An intriguing story, presented in a very engaging way. We enjoyed it.
– Ank de Voogd, Isis Helmond Business Association

Perry took our Rotary club members, especially those who still vividly remember the murder, back to our young years. It remains a fascinating story of conspiracies and intrigues, with Perry bringing some remarkable and new aspects to light in a fun and compelling way. It was silent during the presentation! Highly recommended, just like the book!
– Hans Vereijken, Alderman of the municipality of Laarbeek and member of Rotaract Club Gemert-Laarbeek

The lecture Perry Vermeulen gave in our bookstore, De Ganzenveer in Helmond, was very surprising, revealing, and occasionally shocking for a Kennedy fan like me. The author of several books about the assassination of John F. Kennedy told his story in a very clear way. With his passionate speech, he managed to captivate the large audience from start to finish. The answers to the many questions from the audience also showed that Perry had thoroughly immersed himself in the subject. A compliment for this very entertaining evening, supported by an excellent PowerPoint presentation.
– Hans van Gennep, De Ganzenveer Bookstore, Helmond

You gave an energetic and passionate presentation, sprinkled with numerous interesting facts. You painted a picture of the early ’60s in the States and the powerful organizations of that time (mafia, CIA, FBI, etc.) with playful ease, teaching us that they all had their own agenda. Overall, a presentation that remained captivating until the end, leaving the audience with more questions but also with more insight than they came with. Your book, like your lecture, is definitely worth it.
– Mark van de Westerlo, Lions Club Region Helmond

I attended your lecture with my partner, shortly after the release of your second book on the Kennedy assassination. I already knew some things about it, but you still surprised me several times. My wife had never been interested in the case, but she also had a great evening. Your lecture was entertaining, not only because of the content but also because of your enthusiasm and passion. A lecture that didn’t bore for a minute!
– Hans Broeders, Beek en Donk

The hour and a half during which Perry spoke passionately and enthusiastically about the Kennedy assassination, in my opinion, were too short. I could have listened for hours to the various conspiracy theories surrounding JFK’s murder.
– Byjoux Goedhart, Rotaract Helmond